Light of Solitude

Light of Solitude
I am better off alone!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Precautions: Read this FIRST!

Please READ THIS POST FIRST before actually reading my diary...


This is for your own good. 
To prevent misunderstandings and heartaches.
To know that this is REAL!
To know my intentions.

By the way , here is my picture.

Real Life Betty La Fea
This photo is actually a cover for my online diary in

Basically , this blog will be about my life as an ugly teenager who doesn't even look like a teenager! I look older than my real age. T_T
This is my diary and I will tell you my secrets even my family and closest friends doesn't even know. Yes, people I know do know that this blog EXIST! hahaahah And if they accidentally stumbled upon this blog one day and learn about this...then so be it. :) But for now, I don't want to tell them about this.

I made this blog because , I felt that there is a need for me to express myself through writing about anything that bothers me or about any experience only an ugly entity like me can have.  I have another blog and I already posted some of my diary entries there but my blog is so random it doesn't have a theme and the readers might feel lost because in that blog I am talking about anything under the sun andthe moon and the stars so I decided to put all my entries in one special place and the chosen venue? HERE!

To prevent debates:
I clear one thing, I know that I am not the ugliest person on earth and that I am only simple and plain for the eyes of a FEW so telling me that I am not ugly (but not also beautiful) is after all your own opinion. It is something I don't want to argue with anybody because I am writing this because at the end of the day no matter how you see me and what your opinions are, the opinions and the treatments HUMANS around me have for me is the one that had been continuously bugging me and is one of my main driving force for creating this blog.

Anyway, you will know what I mean later.


Welcome ducklings! More about my ugliness and ugly stories soon....

Lots of love,
     Jira   c;